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Durga’s commitment to offer only the BEST to the customer has helped them in more ways than one. Durga shares a relationship with its customer that is built on trust and total commitment. We at Durga do not restrict ourselves as merely suppliers to our customers but build long-lasting PARTNERSHIPS with them.

“When we wanted a very advanced, highly complex bearing for use in our prototype, we went to Durga. Thanks to their in- depth knowledge of bearings they understood exactly what we were looking for. They were able to source and deliver it to us within a short time frame.”
JYOTI P.G.Jadeja (Partner)
Jyoti Enterprises

“We had an emergency breakdown requirement for bearings and we placed an order with Durga. Being highly specialized bearings which would have to be imported from Germany, we anticipated that it would take Durga around a week’s time to procure them. We were absolutely amazed and delighted, therefore, to receive them within 48 hours!
We appreciate Durga’s prompt action which helped us save lakhs of rupees.”
WIL C.V. Ganapathi Subramanian
Deputy Manager- Purchase
Wheels India Ltd.

“Somebody once said that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Team Durga is definitely part of the solution. They are ready with solutions in the shortest possible time.”
SIEMENS A. Jaiswal
Sr. Manager Logistics
Siemens Ltd.

“As a customer we are delighted with the quality of the service provided by Durga. They are noted for delivering reliable products in the shortest response time.” -
ASHOK LEYLAND Mr. N. Murugappa
GM Manufacturing
Ashok Leyland Ltd.

“Young, dynamic and aggressive are the words that spring to my mind when I evaluate Durga. Out – of – the box thinking, great initiative and the ability to take risks distinguish them from competition. They have tremendous potential and have done an outstanding job on promoting our products.”
NSK Mr. Joseph John
General Manger
NSK Ltd., Chennai

“Anything you want a Kamadhenu will give. Durga is like a Kamadhenu for all the manufacturers in Chennai. Durga Bearings is the only supplier who can supply bearings from any manufacturer.”
CVRDE Dr. Hanumanna
Director, CVRDE
“We appreciate Durga’s dynamic and successful efforts in establishing the INA brand in India. Durga’s ability to hold large stocks and give great customer support has made INA one of the most easily accessible brands in India.”

Mr. Karl Schmidt Degen
Vice president - Sales & Marketing
Industry Distribution
Schaeffler Asia Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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