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Established in 1951, Minebea Co. Ltd., Japan (NMB) is one of the biggest Japanese companies, producing a vast range of precision components used in modern homes, offices, information and communication devices and automobiles, using cutting edge ultra-precision machining & mass production technologies.

Having its Head Quarters in Japan, the company has also its operations at Asia, North, Central, South America, and Europe, employing over 49,563 persons in its 28 manufacturing facilities spread over 9 countries.

The company has a paid up capital 62,258 Million Yens and a net consolidated sales turnover of over 331,022 Million Yens. Their range also includes bearings of different types used in all types of equipments, machinery and other products.

Their range include the following types of bearings :-

Minebea Co. Ltd.,
Karuizawa Plant, Japan
  • Miniature & small sized ball bearings
  • Fluid dynamic bearings
  • Rod end & spherical bearings
  • Roller bearings
  • Sleeve bearings
  • Medium - and large-sized ball bearings for aerospace use
  • Machine tool bearings
  • Pivot assemblies
  • Tape guides
  • Pulley bearings
  • Fasteners
  • Defense related special components
  • Magnetic clutches and brakes
Their products are used in Personal Computers - Desk Top & Note Book types, Printers, Photo-copying machines, Video Cassette Recorders, Video Cameras, Air conditioners, Automobiles and a vast rage of other domestic, entertainment & industrial products.

Minebea Co. Ltd.,
Hamamatsu Plant, Japan
Miniature & Small sized ball barings
Ball bearings are machinery components, which comprise an outer ring, inner ring, balls, retainers, shields and snap rings. Miniature and small-sized ball bearing mean ball bearing, up to 30mm in external diameter. Essential to high-precision rotary components, ball bearings determine rotational accuracy.

Miniature Bearings
Fluid Dynamic Bearings
In a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB), a thin layer of oil or other lubricant is injected between the shaft and sleeve. The structure of the bearing features a rotating shaft, which generates a hydrodynamic force, causing the shaft to rotate. The non-contact construction of this bearing makes it particularly suited for improving rotational accuracy and enhancing quietness and robustness. Demand for FDB from a high-precision HDD spindle motor is expected to soar in the future.

Fluid Dynamic Bearings
Rod end & Spherical Bearings
Used in aircraft components, such as wing flaps, engine and wing mounts and hatches, rod-end and spherical bearings function as joints. These bearings are also used extensively in helicopters, trains and automobiles.

RoadEnd Spherical
Roller Bearings
Roller bearings, which feature a roller housed between the inner and outer rings, are used primarily in aircraft engine. Aerospace applications demand bearings that deliver exceptional durability, ensuring a consistently superior performance despite changes in temperature and air pressure. Accordingly, aerospace firms impose stringent standards. In addition to meeting MIL specifications (U.S. military standards for design and performance commonly applied to commercial aircraft), Minebea has obtained certification from commercial aircraft manufacturer in U.S

Sleeve Bearings
Sleeve bearings are used in helicopters, primarily in the main rotor axes and landing gear for fixed wing aircraft..

Sleeve Bearings
Medium & Large sized ball Bearings for aerospace use
These bearings are used in aircraft applications, which demand superior durability. Accordingly, these bearings have greater number of balls and are manufactured with more high-durability materials than small ball bearings.

Machine Tool Bearings
These bearings are used primarily in machine tools, which demand bearings made with materials and structures that deliver outstanding durability and resistance to heat..

MachineTool Bearings
Pivot Assemblies
Pivot assemblies are fitted into the base of actuators to position HDD magnetic heads. This product combines ball bearings between shaft and sleeve.

Pivot Assemblies
Tape Guides
Tape guides are used primarily to track tapes in professional VCRs and tape drives. All b A pulley bearing is manufactured by molding the outer ring of a ball bearing and plastic pulley with a raceway on its outer surface. Pulley bearings are used principally in automated teller machines (ATMs), ticket vending machines and other similar machines. All bearings used in Minebea tape guides are produced in house.

Pulley Bearings
A pulley bearing is manufactured by molding the outer ring of a ball bearing and plastic pulley with a raceway on its outer surface. Pulley bearings are used principally in automated teller machines (ATMs), ticket vending machines and other similar machines.

Defence related special components
This category includes rocket launchers and other components used in aircraft and submarines.

Special Defence Items
Magnetic clutches
Magnetic clutches use electric magnets produced to lock or unlock the engine and the transmission input shaft, facilitating or terminating the flow of power. Magnetic brakes use electric magnets to accelerate, decelerate or stop rotation.

Magnetic Clutches
Fasteners NMB NMB
Sleeve-Bearings RodEnd Bearings Spherical Bearings

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