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Today, NB is recognized as an international leader in the world of linear motion technology. Since its founding in 1939, NB has emerged as the leading manufacturer of high quality linear motion products in Japan.

Headquarter at Japan, NB has its operations from U.S.A. and Europe as well.

Nippon Bearing Co.Ltd
Parent Company at Japan
Nippon Bearings is recognised as an international leader in the world of linear motion technology. Since its foundation in 1939, NB has been creating continuous improvements in the field of Linear Motion components, products and applications. Today, NB’s Linear systems have been accepted and adopted in every field of engineering, all over the world.

NB attributes this success to their unique product designs which have evolved through meeting the linear motion needs of their varied customers. Their global presence enables them to incorporate these innovations from around the world into their product range. Also, good understanding between their manufacturing, Technical Design and Marketing and Sales Departments ensures that the company responds quickly to ever- changing customer and market needs.

NB product range include :-
Slide Guide Slide Guide Ball Spline Ball Spline
Stroke Ball Spline
Rotary Ball Spline Rotary Ball Spline
Topball Products Topball Products Slide Bush Slide Bush Slide Unit Slide Unit
Stroke Bush Stroke Bush Slide Rotary Bush Slide Rotary Bush Slide Shaft Slide Shaft
Slide Way Slide Way Gonio Way Gonio Way Actuator Actuator
Slide Screw Slide Screw        
Quieter Operation, Extended Lubrication Intervals By building-in a ball cushion between the balls, contact between individual balls is avoided, making reduced noise possible.

Moreover, NB's Fiber Sheet is made from fibrous material with a porous structure, and possesses the ability, through capillarity, to supply each part with the optimum amount of lubricant in a timely fashion when lubricant is applied, and as a result lubricated intervals are extended significantly, meaning that planned lubrication can be simplified.

Compact Design, Precise Action

SEB Series / SER Series
The NB SEB/SER Miniature Guide are engineered to be compact and light weight to ensure precise linear operation at high speeds. The SEB Slide Guide uses precision-machined steel balls as rolling elements promoting exceptionally low resistance with smooth, stable operation at low cost. Likewise, the SER Slide Guide uses precision-machined cylindrical rollers, ensuring high rigidity and high load capacity with low noise.

High Load Stability, Easy Installation and Maintenance
GL Series/SGL Series / SGW Series
The NB "high load" GL/SGL/SGW Slide Guide is designed to maintain stability under extremely high load conditions. The use of 4 ball circuits and arch ball groove design stabilitizes uneven multidirectional load factors and assures smooth continuous movement throughout the work cycle.

The GL/SGL/SGW bearing block incorporates a ball retainer, permitting the block to be easily removed from the rail. This allows for ease of maintenance and assembly of your machine. The "pre-seals" are designed specially for this Slide Guide, providing superior lubrication retention over long periods of operation.

An optional feature available is the Raydent. This treatment is applied to both block and rail which will provide for a highly dependable and proven anti-corrosion protection package. This feature is found to be idealistic in clean room applications.

Eliminates Backlash, Reduces Friction
The NB Ball Spline is designed for mechanical applications which require both linear motion and torque transmission. The rolling contact of the balls eliminates backlash and reduces friction, helping you to achieve super precision and reliability.

The spline shaft facilitates additional machining and high accuracy because of a round shaft shape. Since the spline shaft is also machined by cylindrical grinding, it has a high sealing performance and a well-balanced structure that reduces the vibration and noise during rotary motion. Moreover, it has great geometrical moment of inertia and high rigidity. This enables a long-term, high precision linear motion.

Number of parts can be cut down to half
This unity feature of conventional spline and rotary function dramatically contribute to eliminate parts used in your systems, and thence, accumulating minor errors that often seen due to installation process can be diminished as well.

Compact and Light weight
Cross-rollers are used for its rotary element in outer body of ball spline, so it is much lighter in weight and more compact in appearance. Cost for installation and additional matching can be greatly saved.

Rigid Structure
With NB's Rotary Ball Spline, feature of cross-roller and ball spline, of which has four ball circuits is maximized and is enhanced its rigidity notwithstanding its compact appearance.

High Accuracy
NB's Rotary Ball Spline accept load from rotating direction utmost, this makes accurate positioning at rotating direction possible.

High Performance, High Load and Self-Aligning
TOPBALL is NB's premier Slide Bush, offering up to 27 times the normal travel life of a conventional slide bush. Our uniquely produced load plates incorporate ground raceway surface which provides a circular arch contact to ball resulting in greater dispersion of loads for up to triple the normal load capacities. TOPBALL Slide Products are fully interchangeable with conventional linear bushing and feature self-alignment capabilities and NB's unique floating wiper seal. Smooth running, low friction operation, combined with longer life and reduced maintenance costs, make TOPBALL Slide Products the popular choice.

TopBall Products
Seamless Ball Retainers Widest Variety
The NB Slide Bush features solid steel outer ring construction and is available with integral seals in both high quality and precision grades. Both grades feature seamless ball retainer for smoother motion and high rigidity. The innovative Double-Wide Bush offers added stability when additional moment loads are required within an application. NB offers the world widest product variety in both inch and metric available worldwide.

Unique Design, Excellent Rigidity
The NB Flange Type Slide Bush offers you the best of both worlds, the benefits of a Slide Bush and of a flange. This unique design is easy to install and replace, since bulky housings aren't required. In addition, NB's solid matting of flange and Slide Bush ensures excellent rigidity over long hours of heavy duty operation. **KBT/SWT two side cut flanged bushings are added on Euro Metric / Inchi series.

Fits Quick Into Your Design
Ease of assembly and replacement. NB Slide Unit is assembled by a Slide Bush in an aluminum or cast-iron housing and securing the Slide Bush with a snap ring. Slide Unit allows the Slide Bush to perform smooth motion easily with high precision and low frictional resistance. Since these Slide Units are made mainly of aluminum, providing high corrosion resistance.

While the NB stroke bush has a limited rectilinear traveling stroke, it works with minimal wear resistance and enables smooth linear/rotary complex motion. It can therefore be used with a variety of devices.

The NB stroke bush is designed to allow the ball bearings to rotate smoothly. The finely ground outer case contains a retainer which forms a staggered arrangement of the steel balls in machined holes on its inner surface. Each ball in the retainer may rotate smoothly in its individual hole while the outer case moves in a rotary and/or rectilinear reciprocating motion.

This NB Slide Rotary Bush is designed to enable perfect, rectilinear/rotary complex motion. It offers considerable space-saving compared to conventional combinations of rectilinear and rotary bearings. The Slide Rotary Bush therefore requires less installation space.
Optimum Performance Greater Accuracy

The NB Slide Shaft was developed to achieve greater accuracy in roundness, cylindricity, surface finishing, and linear travel. Heat treated in both axial and radial directions, NB Slide Shaft come in both high-carbon chromium bearing steel or Martensite stainless steel for maximum performance quality. In addition, our precision machining capabilities offer you a variety of specially engineered custom shafts, such as spindle and roll shafts, to meet your special requirement.

NB Slide Shafts feature reliable, high precision roundness cylindricity, straightness, and surface finish. Fig. 1 and 2 show examples of measurement results for roundness and surface finish, respectively.

Heat Treatment
NB Slide Shafts are annealed, quenched and tempered by processing techniques and skills developed by . The heat treatment assures the Slide Shafts uniform hardness in both radial and axial directions, developing an appropriate layer. The Martensite stainless steel (SUS 440C) is also subjected to a sophisticated heat treatment to suppress distortion, assuring a uniform hardened layer and sufficient hardness.

Excellent Accuracy Precise, Rigid, and Lowest Noise

The highly precise and rigid NB Slide Way incorporates cylindrical rollers in two 90 degrees V-grooved rails. Designed for advanced technological applications, the Slide Way can bear loads and moments from all directions while maintaining extreme accuracy. The lowest frictional resistance and noise are achieved with "super precision" cylindrical rollers and "high accuracy" raceway surfaces.

NB's long standing technological leadership in Slide Way product, has brought about a new product to address radius movement. NB's GONIO WAY (RV type) is a non re-circulating crossed roller bearing providing low friction radius movement. The RV type is ideal for applications where sweeping movement or precise angular positioning is required without changing rotation center, such as in optical equipment and measuring devices.

High Accuracy Single Axis Actuator BG Type

NB's BG Type is a compact single axis actuator which integrates a Slide Guide and Precision Ball Screw. BG Type offers compact dimensions, which outperforms conventional positioning tables. This is made possible by a unique "U" shaped Guide Rail and Slide Block which provides multiple functions of a Guide Block and a Ball Screw Nut combined into a single unit. The "U" shaped Guide Rail design offers a high rigid structure resistant to bending. This structural feature allows for integrated frameworks of machinery or equipment. Additionally, the Slide Block contains 4 ball circuits which delivers high load capacity, high accuracy and high rigidity.

Rectilinear Motion Enabled With A Round Shaft

The NB Slide Screw is a unique drive unit which makes efficient use of friction to convert rotary motion to linear motion. This unit is a very simple mechanism containing only radial bearings in contact with a shaft, providing ease of maintenance. Even if an accident occurs, this unit slips on the shaft, stopping itself to prevent further damage. The unit is applicable to a wide variety of devices by fully utilizing its features, although while accurate positioning would require an extra control.

Exceptional Precision with Optimum Quality

NB's newest addition to the Slide Bush family may be small but the Inch Miniature Slide Bush provides tremendous advantages. The sizes just added are the most popular dimensions of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4". Metric sizes of 3, 4 and 5mm are also available. Applications ranging from instruments to computers, NB's newest performer provides exceptional precision and highly accurate linear movement. We are confident that these new products will meet if not exceed your expectations, even for the most extremely sensitive requirements. The Inch Miniature Slide Bush is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. Dimensionally replaces other manufacturers like sizes without redesign.

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