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IMO Germany

The IMO Holding, consisting of the enterprises - IMO Momentenlager GmbH & Co. KG, IMO Energy GmbH & Co. KG and IMO Antriebseinheit GmbH & Co. KG - is a leading worldwide manufacturer of large anti-friction Slewing Rings and self-contained Slew Drives. IMO Slew Drives are fully assembled, ready to install slewing systems. IMO headquarters are in Gremsdorf, near Nuremberg in Germany.

IMO manufactures a large variety of Ball and Roller Slewing Rings with diameters from 100 mm up to 5,200 mm. These Slewing Rings are used as components in wind energy plants,

construction machinery, steelworks or filling machines. The Slew Drive product range comprises hydraulically and electrically driven systems for typical uses such as man lift platforms, cranes or to position photovoltaic machines.

IMO Momentenlager, with its modern facilities, manufactures Ball and Roller Slewing Rings in diameters up to 5,200 mm. Ball and Roller Slewing Rings for applications in: special purpose machinery, construction machinery, cranes, tunnel boring machines (TBM's), medical technology, ship building, special purpose machinery, bulk and material handling. 

The focus of IMO Energy is on renewable energies - IMO Energy is one of the leading suppliers for Blade and Yaw Bearings in diameters up to 5,200 mm for wind turbines. Furthermore, Slewing Rings of IMO Energy are used as main bearing for gear an shaftless wind turbines, for tidal power stations and solar thermal systems.

IMO Antriebseinheit is a globally recognized supplier of patented Slew Drives - complete slewing systems, ready-to-install, consisting of Slewing Rings, drives and sealed housings. The Slew Drives are used in manlift platforms, heavy load transporters, undercarriages (steering gears) and photovoltaic trackers.

Imagine a special Slewing Ring that has no linear expansion with temperature increase and no shrinkage as it cools. Impossible?
Well here is such special bearing developed and manufactured by IMO, from a highly nickel rich material with a thermal expansion coefficient of practically zero.

Aircraft Industry
Heavy Material Handling
Heavy Material Handling
Harbour Crane
Harbour Cranes
wind mills
Wind mills
Tunel Boaring Machine
Tunel Boaring Machine
Special vehicles
Special vehicles
Mobile Cranes
Mobile cranes
Ship Building
Ship Building
Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment

Drilling Rig

Drilling Rigs

Eccentric Rings



Gantry Crane

Gantry Cranes

Giant Wheel

Giant Wheels

Big Platforms

Harbour Cranes

Manlift Platform

Manlift Platforms



Mobile Harbour Crane

Offshore Platforms


Ship Crane

Ship Cranes

Shipping Industry

Slew Drives

Slew Ring-2

Special Vehicles

Spl. Slew Ring

Steel Mills

Steering Cranes

Trams and Trains

Tunnel Boring

Undersea Tidal Systems


Yatch Crane

Asphalt Roller

Bucket Excavator

Cement Mixer

  • Large-diameter anti-friction Slewing Rings designed to handle simultaneously occurring axial, radial and moment loads.
  • The Slewing Rings can be combined with pinion, planetary gearboxes and motors which can be selected and acquired by the customer.
  • Equipped with a sealed raceway system and an open gearing (if toothed)
Slewing Ring

  • Ready-to-Install system with integrated Slewing Ring (please see column on the left)
  • Available with flanges for all standard electric, hydraulic motors and/or planetary gearboxes
  • Worm or pinion driven
  • Sealed raceway system
  • Housing which completely encloses the gearing (grease reservoir, protection against contamination and contact)
Slewing Ring

The sturdy IMO-Slewing Rings are suitable for numerous applications. We also supply ready-to-install systems and can offer special, custom solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Our extensive line of innovative Slewing Rings comprises a larger variety than any other manufacturer.

Slew Rings

Some Ball Slewing Rings of the 920 series; from top to bottom: externally toothed, untoothed, internally toothed all with the same raceway diameter of 641 mm (25 in.)

Slew Ring-1

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