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Durga Bearings is a proven market leader in the supply of world – class bearings in the country. More than 10,000 customers rely on Durga for their superior Technical Support Team, Best Price, Shortest Delivery Time and Durga’s enviable inventory, the largest in the country with an astonishing capability to supply more than 1,50,000 types of bearings from the world’s leading bearing manufacturers. Durga’s phenomenal success is linked to the ability to deliver any type of bearing anywhere within a short period of time. With clear focus on Total Dedication, Total Commitment and Total Quality.
Our Network

�As a customer we are delighted with the quality of the ...

Mr. N. Murugappa

Ashok Leyland Ltd.

�Somebody once said that if you are not part of the solution you are...

Mr. A. Jaiswal

Siemens Ltd.

�Anything you want a Kamadhenu will give. Durga is like a .....

Dr. Hanumanna

Director, CVRDE
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